Vacuum cabinet for pre-heating and pre-pressing

Preheating Vacuum Cabinet for Bending Glass Lamination

Vacuum cabinet machine purpose:
The machine is used for the production of curved glass and multi-layer bulletproof glass. The hot air circulation can be used. The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily. The heating zone increases the number of electric heating elements, reduces the power of the electric heating element, and prolongs the life but the total power is not. change. The vacuum system uses a high-power water-cooled vacuum pump to allow the glass to be cold drawn and hot drawn simultaneously. Increased production and reliability of products.
Vacuum cabinet machine working principle and structure:
After the curved glass is laminated, the silicone strip is placed on the glass-mounted trolley for cold drawing, and then heated into the preheating chamber, and the heating zone of the device is softened by the air circulation to make the glass equalization heating film (PVB). The air between the glass and the film is pumped to a substantially transparent state by an evacuation system, and the glass is removed to complete the pressing.

Box type vacuum cabinet machine for bus glass (low output)
1. Maximum glass size 3000×2000mm or custom made
2. Glass thickness 4mm-16mm
3.Production capacity: 90 minutes/pair
4. Installed power 70kw
5.Design temperature 200 ° C ~ 250 ° C
6.Working temperature 90 ° C – 135 ° C
7.Vacuum pump pressure -0.1 – -1.0
9.Door open side: rotating the door

Continuous vacuum cabinet machine for auto glass (high output):
1. Glass size : Max – 2200*1200 mm or custom made, Minimum – 1000mm x 600mm
2. Glass thickness: 4.0mm – 6.0mm, the maximum weight of the glass is 50kg/pcs
3 Type of glass: curved glass,
4 Maximum arch height (mm): 250mm
5 Minimum curvature (mm): 50mm
6 conveying direction: long side (2500mm)
7 Power supply: 380V ± 5% (3-phase 5-wire), 50Hz
8 conveying speed: 120-250mm/s (adjustable frequency conversion);
9 Capacity: 60-100 seconds / piece
10 conveying height: 940mm (+/-25mm)