3 Chambers 2/3 Wagons Glass Bending Kiln

Three Chambers Two & Three Wagons Glass Bending Furnace Kiln

One and only supplier of glass bending furnace for Dubai eye glass project.
Made max glass 4000x3000mm. Max deep 800mm. Glass Thickness is 19mm + 19mm + 19mm.

The above video show 3 Chambers 3 Wagons glass bending furnace kiln.
For Bending Max Glass 3000×2000 mm or as requirement.
Output 45 minutes for 1 pair glass.
Outer dimension 12×5.5×2.65 meter.
Power 380 KW.
Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius.
3 pyrometers at top of heating chamber, each 1 pyrometer at two side wagons.
Parts or all heating wire can be movement.
There are heating wire also at bottom of two side wagons.
It can also bending Low-E glass.

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