Roller pre-pressing machine for both flat and curve glass

Roller pre-pressing machine for both and curve glass


It is used for pre-pressing glass of flat and curved laminated glass and multi-layers bulletproof glass. Also can substitute pre-pressing machine and hot pressed machine which are used on insulated glass line.

Adopting advanced technology and using quality rubber with high-temperature resistance and aging resistance to make big roller. Stepless speed regulating by frequency inverter and temperature can be adjusted. Using pneumatic cylinder in big diameter to offer pressure upon big roller, and pressure can be adjusted from 0~-.6MPa according to glass thickness and size.The space between two roller can be adjusted separately. The whole upper section can be lifted up to 0.8m(Lifting by high strength screw).


Used for washing many kinds of glasses,including LOW-E glasses.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.ZTPB-20ZTPB-22ZTPB-25
Max. Glass Size(mm)2000×36002000×36002500×6000
Min. Glass Size(mm)400×600500×800800×1200
Glass Thickness(mm)4~604~604~80
Converying Speed(m/min)0.5~40.5~40.5~4
Total Power(Kw)657585
Max. Arc Length(mm)130013001300
Max.Arc Depth(mm)250250250
Working Pressure(MPa)0.4~10.4~10.4~1