Realistic type cleaning and drying machine

Realistic type cleaning and drying machine

Application: it is used to clean and dry the architecture, automobile, furniture, appliance glass and LOW-E glass.

Performance (characteristic):

1. Cleaning thickness 3-25mm, step less speed adjustment, Glass width ranges from 200~2500mm.

2. the machine running adopt bevel wheel transmission, all stainless steel used in cleaning section, washing water can be used circulated, cold(dry) wind for drying.

3.The upper part of washing and drying can be lifted to 450mm for easy maintenance,with digital display.

Model No.ZTWA-20ZTWA-22ZTWA-25ZTWA-30
Max. Glass Size(mm)2000×36002200×36002500×60003000×6000
Min. Glass Size(mm)350×420350×420350×420350×420
Glass Thickness(mm)3~193~193~253~25
Washing Speed(m/min)0.5~40.5~40.5~40.5~4
Installed Power(Kw)23252938