Horizontal / Vertical Glass Washing & Drying Machine

Intelligent type cleaning and drying machine

The machine can automatically detect the thickness of glass and identify LOW-E glass.Automatic thickness detecting system can adjust the space between upper roller and lower roller of washing section,the brushes can be automatically shifted when LOW-E glass is identified.This machine adopts PLC control system,and can control blower running in a state of energy saving.Hot water tank can be equipped in cold region.If features fine cleanness of glass and low noise.The upper section can be freely lifted and descended for easy maintenance.

Model No.ZTWC-20ZTWC-22ZTWC-25ZTWC-30
Max. Glass Size(mm)2000×36002200×36002500×60003000×6000
Min. Glass Size(mm)350×420350×420350×420350×420
Glass Thickness(mm)3~193~193~253~25
Washing Speed(m/min)0.5~40.5~40.5~40.5~4
Installed Power(Kw)23252938

 Vertical Glass Washing & Drying Machine 

Vertical Glass Washing Machine