10-24 Wagons Auto Windshield Bending Furnace

The video shows 22 chambers 21 wagons auto glass windshield bending furnace. For bending auto glass 1700×1200 mm or as the requirement. The output is 2.50 minutes for 1 pair glass. Power 550 KW. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius.
Full-automatic intelligent glass bending furnace

Full-automatic intelligent glass bending furnace is the firstly initiated in domestic, with the characteristics of smooth operation, good heating, annealing performance, high efficiency and energy saving. As the customer’s requested, the chamber is able to be lifted automatically, with menu display PLC+CUP intelligent control system and technological parameter memory system

Performance (characteristic):

1.automatic computer control

2.the power of each heating pipe can be adjusted by computer

3.high temperature thermometer control temperature of glass surface, process parameters memory system, realize the automation.

Outer Dimension(mm)10500×3500×275012000×3500×275016000×3500×275013890×3480×298029000×2900×2750
Glass Size(mm)2500×15002500×15002500×15002500×13002500×1200
Conveying Motor(Kw)
Installed Power(Kw)300360420520620
Working Temperature(℃)600~650600~650600~650600~650600~650
Max. Arc Depth(mm)400400400400400

Semi-automatic 18 Chamber 16 Wagons Bending Oven

This bending oven made curved glass 1600×1000 mm. The output is 8 minutes 1 pair glass. Power is 500 KW. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius. Semi-automatic design and control by manual in competitive price.

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