Glass laminator & Electrical PVB film shelf

ZTmachine Glass laminator & Electrical PVB film shelf

Automatic laminator

  • Automatic controlled by PLC Program.
  • Stepless transmission realized by frequency inverter,automatic positioning and automatic lamination.
Electrical PVB film shelf-2

Motorized PVB Film Rack

  • With electric hoist and rotating arm.
  • Can mount PVB films in three specifications.


The Machine set is a corollary equipment of laminated glass line, can greatly lessen operator’s labor intensity during mass production.

Model No.ZTHP3624ZTHP6324
Glass Size(mm)3600×24406100×3300
Walking Speed(m/min)2~32~3
Lifting Height(mm)400400
Suction Wight(Kg)500~800500~1200
Installed Power(Kw)2.24.2
Working Pressure(MPa)0.6~0.80.6~0.8
Working Air Pressure(MPa)0.4~0.60.4~0.6