$43000 Convection Laminate Glass Autoclave

ZTmachine convection glass autoclave

Forced convection autoclave using exclusive development CPC(composited processing control) control software which is based on PLC control system,the whole process is automatic,more conveient,more stable,more stable,more safe!

Electic heation via inconel tubular heaters.

Proportional control 0~100% output,energy saving effect is excellent!

Staight-conncetion forced convection motor,dynamic seal is mechanical seal: graphite and silicon carbide,effectively avoiding oil and air leakage;have high stability and life.

Technical Data:

Model No. Specifications(mm) Installation Power(Kw)
ZTF2500 2500×5000 110
ZTF2650 2650×6000 140
ZTF2850 2850×6000 160
ZTF3000 3000×6500 180
ZTF3500 3500×7000 220
ztmachine-glass-autoclave-01 ztmachine-glass-autoclave-04

Please inquiry air compressor and chiller

ztmachine-air-compressor-2 ztmachine-chiller-2

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