Automatic Glass Loading Machine

Automatic glass loading machine double side

By digesting advanced technology abroad,combined with our R & D and innovation,the working performance of it can reach same level of best products of same type,with compact structure and high strength of machinery,and adopting bevel gear to transmit and stable travel in lifting & descending and X,Y axis,without vibration and having reliable performance.The machine adopts PLC+human interface control,with high working efficiency and low labor cost.


Suitable for CNC automatic cutting line,laminated glass line,tempered glass line,double edge grinding line,coating glass line,etc.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.ZTL3627YZTL6133YZTL3627XZTL6133X
Work ModeSingle Side,Double SizeSingle Side,Double SizeSingle Side,Double SizeSingle Side,Double Size
Max. Glass Size(mm)3600×27006100×33003600×27006100×3300
Glass Thickness(mm)3~253~253~253~25
Total Power(Kw)6~8.856.7~9.656.85~9.68.2~11.2


Automatic glass loading machine