4/6/8 Chambers 3/6/8 Wagons Bending Furnace

4 Chambers 3 Wagons Bus Glass Bending Furnace Kiln

Model ZTRW4 for bus glass bending 3000×2000 mm . Output 45 minutes for 1 pair glass. Outer dimension 7.5×4.2×2.65 meter. Power 280 KW. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius. 3 pyrometers at top of heating chamber. Good for heating and recommend model.

6 Chambers 6 Wagons Wagons Glass Bending Kiln

The kin for bending glass dimension 2000×1600 mm or on request. Output is 30 minutes made 1 pair glass. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius. 3 thermocouples (temperature measuring) at top of heating chamber. There are 12 pcs movement heating wires at 2 side of heating room.

4 Chamber 3 wagons glass bending furnace

Application: used to bend the architectural glass and bus windscreen

Outer Dimension(mm)7500×4200×26508200×4500×26509500×4900×2650
Glass Size(mm)3000×20003200×22003600×2440
Conveying Motor(Kw)
Installed Power(Kw)280340380
Working Temperature(℃)600~700600~700600~700
Max. Arc Depth(mm)280350450

ztmachine glass bending furnace


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