Glass Bending Furnace

Application: 1. used to bend the architectural glass and bus windscreen 2. super large size may be made by customers’ requirement Model No. Max. Glass Size Glass Thickness Max. Arc Depth Outer Dimension Installed Power ZTL2 3200×2200mm 3~25mm 650mm 7000×6000mm 180Kw ZTL3 3200×2500mm 3~25mm 650mm 8000×7500mm 250Kw  

One and only supplier of glass bending furnace for Dubai eye glass project. Made max glass 4000x3000mm. Max deep 800mm. Glass Thickness is 19mm + 19mm + 19mm. The above video show 3 Chambers 3 Wagons glass bending furnace kiln. For Bending Max Glass 3000×2000 mm or as requirement. Output 45 minutes for 1 pair [...]

4 chambers 3 wagons glass bending machine, for bus glass and special glass video below: Model ZTRW4 for made bus glass bending 3000×2000 mm. The output is 45 minutes/ pair glass. Outer dimension 7.5×4.2×2.65 meter. Power 280 KW. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius. 3 pyrometers at top of the heating chamber. Recommended the model. Custom made [...]

The first line of solar glass panels tempered oven at 2018. The solar glass has large curvature and different softening points. It takes 24 wagons design (8 wagons for heating, 16 wagons for annealing).  

The video shows 22 chambers 21 wagons auto glass windshield bending furnace. For bending auto glass 1700×1200 mm or as the requirement. The output is 2.50 minutes for 1 pair glass. Power 550 KW. Working Temperature 600-700 °Celsius. Full-automatic intelligent glass bending furnace is the firstly initiated in domestic, with the characteristics of smooth operation, [...]

Preheating Vacuum Cabinet for Bending Glass Lamination Vacuum cabinet machine purpose: The machine is used for the production of curved glass and multi-layer bulletproof glass. The hot air circulation can be used. The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily. The heating zone increases the number of electric heating elements, reduces the power of the electric heating [...]

Forced convection autoclave using exclusive development CPC(composited processing control) control software which is based on PLC control system,the whole process is automatic,more conveient,more stable,more stable,more safe! Electic heation via inconel tubular heaters. Proportional control 0~100% output,energy saving effect is excellent! Staight-conncetion forced convection motor,dynamic seal is mechanical seal: graphite and silicon carbide,effectively avoiding oil and [...]

PVB film is one of the most popular interlayer used for glass lamination. PVB stands for polyvinyl butyral. Laminated glass, commonly used in the automotive and architectural fields, comprises a protective interlayer, usually PVB, bonded between two panels of glass. The bonding process takes place under heat and pressure. When laminated under these conditions, the [...]