Ask ZTMachine #1 How to choose the glass bending furnace for factory?

Glass bending furnace type:

1. According to the furnace fuel, there are coal-fired, gas-fired, and electric glass bending furnaces.
2.According to the furnace structure, glass bending kilns are divided into single-chamber ovens, reciprocating bending furnace, and continuous bending machine.

Coal-fired glass bending ovens are rare because of the problematic temperature control, complicated structure, and natural pollution of glass surfaces.
Oil-fired and gas-fired glass bending machines with electric heating has lower energy consumption indicators than electric-fired ones, but they are rarely using because of their complicated structures.
The gas-fired glass bending furnace has the following characteristics and is widely using: Simple structure, convenient temperature control, smooth operation, no pollution to glass products.

Choose glass bending furnace by the glass:

For different purpose, please choose the glass bending furnace below:
1.Bulletproof glass or special glass bending furnaces:
1 chamber 1 wagon furnace(output 90 minutes or more/pair glass),
3 chambers 2 wagons furane (output 50 minutes or more/pair glass);

2.Bus glass bending machines:
3 chambers 2 wagons furnace (output 50 minutes/pair glass),
4 chambers 3 wagons furane (output 45 minutes/pair glass),
6 chambers 5 wagons furnace (output 40 minutes/pair glass),
14 chambers 13 wagons furane (output 15-30 minutes/pair glass, max 2.8×1.97 meter glass);

3.Automotive glass bending ovens:
10-24 wagons furnace (max 24 wagons for output 1.5 minutes/pair).

Please check the above furnaces video by ZTMachine glass bending furnace video.