ZTMachine glass bending furnace for these famous glass windshield manufacturers below:

1. China biggest manufacturer of the high-speed railway glass windshield -TM Glass

ZTMachine supplied 16 chambers 15 wagons bending furnace, vacuum cabinet and lamination glass line.

By use of advanced heat bending devices and technologies, TM glass can form large arch-rise glass and guarantee sound optical properties. By use of wave-shape resistance wire or conducting film technology, it can produce electrically heated glass that can realize resistance against ice and removal of fog and moist under various conditions. It has sound heating uniformity.

Glass of locomotive driver’s cab includes front shield, emergency exit, side window for drivers, display screen for car number and light cover glass. Locomotive driver’s cab glass produced by our company conforms to such standard requirements as TB/T 1451-2007,UIC 651、NF F15-818 and so forth in terms of optical, mechanical and electric attributes. Further, it has strong resistance against aging and can isolate sound and heat. Light transmittance for front shield of subway is higher than 80% and that of front shield of high-speed train is higher than 75%. It has strong shock resistance. The 27mm-thick front shield glass for high-speed train can withstand the impact speed of 1 kg aluminum ball at the speed of 660 km/h. The aluminum ball can’t penetrate through the glass without any splash at the back. Its anti-resistance attributes can satisfy demands for front shield of high-speed train at a speed of 500km/h.
TM glass can research, develop and manufacture various reasonably-designed glass for driver’s cabs that all carry attribute to resistant against fire and pass standard BS6853 or DIN5510 anti-fire test. The glass windshield are widely applied to railway, high-speed train, maglev and bulletin train.

Front shield glass that can be speedily replaced researched and developed by the company can realize speedy replacement of front shield without changing installation connector of the car. The replacement time is changed to 3 hours from the original one week. The product has been widely applied to various high-speed trains and D-series high-speed train. It has acquired national patents for invention.

2. China’s biggest manufacturer of the ballistic glass windscreen -Ar…

ZTMachine supplied 13 pcs 1 wagon bending kilns,

and 2 pcs 3 chambers 2 wagons bending furnaces.

for made 6 layers 12mm bulletproof (resistant) glass windshield


GLASS CO INTERNATIONAL CAIRO-EGYPT in Egypt ordered machines below:
Vacuum cabinet
4 chamber 3 wagons furnace

MOHSEN TAVAKOLI KHOU in Iran ordered machines below:
Laminated Glass Autoclave
Glass washing and drying machine

Przedsiębiorstwo TMF S.C. in Poland ordered machines below:
3 chamber 2 wagons furnace
Preheating vacuum cabinet.

Technoglass in Switzerland ordered machines below:
4 chamber 3 wagons furnace
Glass washing and drying machine

CRYSTAL CO in Syria ordered machines below:
18 chamber 16 wagons automatic furnace

AL QASR GLASS in Saudi Arabia ordered machines below:
Roller pre-pressing machine for both flat and curve glass

Omar Saleh Shamlan & Co. Glass Factory in Saudi Arabia ordered machines below:
4 chamber 3 wagons furnace

CMS Glass Machinery in Turkey ordered machines below:
Laminated Glass Autoclave